Training shedule:

All HEMS nurses and HEMS docters will be trained thoroughly. A small team of 3 HEMS doctors and 3 HEMS nurses will train together for 2 days. As preparation of these 2 days, ECMO physiology, ECPR physiology, indications and management will be explained in YouTube movies and repeated in a PodCast series. During the 2 days, a small repetition of the theory is done (for approx 2 hours) and then simulation training will start. One HEMS doctor and a nurse will be a team, so three teams will be diveded on 2 simulation stations. The simulation stations will cover ECPR management, transportation and canulation.

After these 2 days, another team of 3 nurses and 3 doctors will train. After all members of a station are trained, prehospital ECPR is preformed by that station. After the start of ECPR by the crew of that station, once a week, a training is repeated for the present day and night crew, for the coming 6 months.

PodCast ECPR Introduction
PodCast ECPR Physiology
PodCast ECPR Canulation
podCast ECPR Troubleshooting