Extracorporeal CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR), as rescue therapy for refractory out-of-Hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), can improve outcome. In order to reduce low-flow time, the 4 Dutch Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) will be equipped with ECMO. The aim is to achive ECMO bloodflow 30-35 min after dispatch in patients with refractory OHCA, covering the entire area of The Netherlands.

This video shows a simulation of how ECPR can be embedded in the complex rescue chain.

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LifeLiner 3 will start Monday October 10th with ECPR

LifeLiner 3 will start ECPR next Monday after delivering conventional CPR for 9 months. In September, the whole team was trained. A HEMS team from Manchester was visiting this training for 2 days, 2 wonderful days guys! LifeLiner 3 is now ready to pull this off. To ensure high quality, training is repeated on a weekly basis with the day and evening crew present.

LifeLiner 3 has taken off!

LifeLiner 3 (HEMS Nijmegen) will start with the control group. Ambulance services of the east of The Netherlands will dispatch LifeLiner 3 for young adults (50 years or younger) suffering from out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA). This summer, LifeLiner 3 is projected to switch to prehospital ECPR.

LifeLiner 2 (HEMS Rotterdam) has started with ECPR!

On Friday January 20th, the HEMS Rotterdam inserted ECMO in the Helicopter. From now on, LifeLiner 2 will routinely perform ECPR in selected, young adults!

LifeLiner 4 has taken-off!!!

LifeLiner 4, the HEMS team of Groningen will start from today (Thursday Januray 13th 2022) with the control group! Ambulance services in the North of the Netherlands will start dispatching HEMS for young adults (50 years or younger) suffering from out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA).

Lifeliner 2 (HEMS Rottedam) has started including the control group since October 15th 2021.

Training has started!

On Monday December 13th, the HEMS Rotterdam has started to train prehospital ECPR. Small teams, consisting of 3 doctors and 3 nurses, will have a 2 day training in several circumstances.

update 07 October 2022

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