Instruction video’s for first responders

Watch the complete outdoor scenario!

Explanimation movies

For Health-Care professionals, we develvoped explanatory animation video’s answering “what and why ECPR “, “How it will affect my care provision” and “What is expected from me?”. For each care provider, a specified video is developed.

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Control Room

Are you a Control Room dispatcher? See this video for more information.

First Responders

Specific information for firefighters and policemen are seen here. How to respond in case of an out of hospital cardiac arrest of a young person. When is the HEMS personell dispatched and what will they do?


If you applied for sms-text alerting during a near-by out-of-hospital cardiac arrest watch this movie. If the victim is a young person, the HEMS is dispatched to apply ECPR if indicated. For you, performing bystander CPR, nothing changes. Your effort is utmost important in the chain of survival and thus also when ECPR is applied. Just for your information what will happen when the HEMS personell arrives, watch this movie.


If you are ambulance personel, your main task is to deliver high quality Advance Life Support. When is decided that the patient will undergo ECPR, two teams are formed: 1) is the Advanced Life Support team and is formed by the ambulance team. Advanced Life Support is performed following the guidelines “Landelijk Protocol AmbulanceZorg”.  2) The ECPR team, formed by the HEMS team. This team will only focus on performing ECPR. Watch this movie to look into the details.